Adult Education

Kehillat Beth Israel is proud to offer a full slate of learning opportunities for our diverse and engaged community. Topics run the gamut from Torah study, to issues of local interest, to developments affecting Israel and the wider world. We are proud to welcome speakers of national and international renown, and to provide unique and dynamic programs open to the entire Jewish community of Ottawa. Cantor Green regularly run classes and provide opportunities for personal study and ritual learning. Please check our calendar for upcoming offerings: click here.

Women’s Torah Study Course 2023-2024
What does our Torah say about our lives: as women, Jews, and learners?
This weekly online course dives into each week’s Torah portion, or parasha, to uncover our tradition’s stories and how they relate to the world around us. Lara Rodin is a course leader completing her rabbinic studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary, and Rabbinic Intern at Beth Tzedec and at Robbins Hebrew Academy in Toronto. She has a Masters degree in Jewish Education from Jerusalem’s Pardes Institute. She’s a cycling and hiking enthusiast, focused on the Rockies near her Calgary hometown. She says: “Exploring Jewish values in the outdoors, I bring people closer to Torah, to themselves, and to each other.” To register please send an email to

Cantor Green’s Shul School 2023-2024
Learn the Trope symbols and music for reading the Torah in a group setting. This course requires some Hebrew reading proficiency and is cumulative. Attendance at all classes is highly recommended.

Classes take place in the Lottner Library. Free to members. $25 for Non-members of KBI

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Course Everyday Ethics by Rabbi Adina Lewittes

7-8:15 pm

Jan 17 & 18

Feb 7, 8 & 28

Ethical questions of war and peace, climate change, immigration and healthcare can be overwhelming. And yet, consciously or not, we answer critical ethical questions every day as we order our coffee, pay our workers, dine with our friends and even shop online. Most of us pay little heed to the daily, mundane micro-decisions we make, yet they each reflect seriously upon our ethical sensibilities and our relationship to values and beliefs larger than ourselves. Each session will focus on a different question raised by The Ethicist column of the New York Times Magazine and expand the deliberation with Jewish sources – ancient and modern – that awaken, motivate and guide us to consider how the issue might be resolved from a Jewish perspective. In an age of diminished civility and the need to restore the moral foundations of our social fabric, this is an opportunity to navigate diverse teachings of the Jewish ethical tradition, deepen your understanding of Jewish ethics as they apply in our complex world and our often complicated relationships, and make more informed and thoughtful personal choices as a result.

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Course Jewrisprudence by Rabbi Adina Lewittes

5-6 pm

Jan 17 & 18

Feb 7, 8 & 28

How is our timeless halakhic (Jewish legal) system responding to questions of Jewish law emerging from our fast-paced, open-sourced, multivocal, technology-saturated and rapidly-changing world? Is there a new paradigm emerging wherein the binaries of permitted/forbidden are expanding to include the importance of intention and community in the framework of religious observance? Analyze contemporary teshuvot (rabbinic responsa) from across the Jewish landscape, study the systems of change that have maintained the relevance of Jewish observance for millennia, explore the dynamism within the boundaries of Jewish law, and learn to articulate, in the language of tradition, the commitments to spiritual practice that frame your Jewish life.

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Being/Becoming a Jew

Tuesdays 5-6pm

Jan 16, 23

Feb 6, 27

For people interested in exploring Judaism and for Jews by birth who want to learn more about the Jewish tradition. We will explore core practices, beliefs, and traditions of the Jewish people. To register go to: