Sacha Yachnin’s Personalized Bar Mitzvah Page

Sacha, use this page 3-4 times each week to prepare for your Bar Mitzvah. To ensure simcha success, please use the tools and downloadable items provided here to learn and practice your training assignments between lessons. For questions, e-mail me at or call/text me at 613-327-3984. It is your responsibility to check this page to ensure it’s working properly right after each lesson, and let me know if there’s a problem right away.


Bar Mitzvah Date: SATURDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 11th, 2024, ~7:00pm
3 Iyyar, 5784

Tutoring Schedule – Starting Feb. 15th: Wednesdays, 5:00-5:20pm in Cantor Green’s office @ KBI.

Th, Feb 2


Intro to B’nei Mitzvah Process

Intro to Webpage

Goal Setting

Lesson Time

STUDY METHOD (always have your printouts/pages in front of you)

1. In your first homework session, Listen to the assigned audio files, each phrase separately, at least 15 times each. Let it sink in! Best practice is to listen a couple more times in a second sitting before trying to sing along.

2. Sing along with the audio files many times until it is identical, smooth and confident. If there are glitches, use the slider to “rewind” and review a word or two at a time until identical. You’ll know you’re ready for step 3 when the audio recording feels too slow or is ‘holding you back’.

3. Sing the whole assignment without the audio file (as you will in your next lesson).

Use this approach every week, and knock my socks off with how well you know it!

AND, 4. every week, you MUST review at least once, everything learned to date, and FIX any glitches.

Figure out if Saturday morning or afternoon.

Keep BM Folder in your backpack so you’ll always have it at lessons. Bring it every week, and use it during every homework sitting.

Th, Feb 16


Prepare Blessing Before and After Torah reading Learn Blessings Before and After Torah Reading (PDF | MP3 – Before | MP3 – After)

Listen to the audio file for Torah Trope sheet 10x through. Point to the words as you hear them. (PDF | Torah Trope Audio)

Th, Feb 23


Review Torah Blessings

Prepare Torah Trope, repeat-after me style.

Learn Torah Trope (PDF | Torah Trope MP3). Dwell on the melody of “kadma v’azla” to really internalize it properly. Note that “Geiresh” that follows it is the same trope as “azla”, so if you get stuck, practice them in reverse order for a minute or two (then go back to the right order!

Keep coming to shul on Saturday mornings.

We, Mar 1


Review Torah Trope Sheet

Prepare Weekday Emor Aliya 1, 21:1

Learn Emor Aliya 1, 21:1 (PDF) using the audio file and table below
We, Mar 8

NO LESSON – Sacha had another commitment

Review Aliya 1, 21:1

Prepare 21:2-3

We, Mar 15


We, Mar 22


Review Aliya 1, 21:1-3

Prepare 21:4-5 and 21:6 up to sheim eloheihem

Learn 21:4-5 and 21:6 up to sheim eloheihem
We, Mar 29


Review Aliya 1 to date

Prepare Aliya 1, rest-of-21:6

Prepare Aliya 2, 21:7

_____________ ____________________

Downloads (click to open, right-click to save to your computer)

Torah Trope Sheet (PDF | Torah Trope)

Blessings Before and After Torah Reading (PDF | MP3 – Before | MP3 – After)

Weekday Emor aliya 1 (all in Lev. Chapter 21) – (PDF | MP3)

1 – 0:00 2 – 0:23 3 -0:41 4 – 1:00 5 – 1:11 6 – 1:34

Weekday Emor aliya 2 (all in Lev. Chapter 21) – (PDF | MP3)

7 – 0:00 8 – 0:26 9 – 0:50 10 – 1:11 11 –  1:45 12 – 2:04

Weekday Emor aliya 3 (all in Lev. Chapter 21) – (PDF | MP3)

13 – 0:00 14 – 0:16 15 – 0:39

Havdallah (Folder)

Shabbat Mincha Torah Service (Folder)


Goals in order of priority (depending on which service!)

Blessings before and after Torah reading – DONE

Weekday Emor Aliya 1

Weekday Emor Aliya 2

Weekday Emor Aliya 3

Shabbat Mincha Torah Processional –

Shabbat Mincha Torah Recessional –


D’var Torah (with Rabbi Kenter) –

Other items as time allows: Mincha