Supermarket Sweeps Fundraising Script

You can copy/paste and send this script to all your contacts for a quick and easy fundraising campaign, or read it to potential donors on the phone:

Dear ________________,

I would like your help with an important mitzvah/fundraiser, called “Supermarket Sweeps” – you may have heard of a TV show with a similar name.

This Sunday, March 26th, I will be doing a shopping spree at Loblaw’s in support of the Ottawa Kosher Food Bank as part of my synagogue’s Youth organization, USY.

The number of families in need has skyrocketed with a shaky economy and the lasting effects of the pandemic, and Passover is a particularly difficult time for the OKFB’s clients.

Any money I donate and raise will be matched by Cantor Green’s Discretionary Fund at KBI, so if you wouldn’t mind making a donation, we can make a real impact together. The deadline for donations is this Thursday, March 23rd, 6pm Eastern, so there’s time to finish organizing the shop-a-thon.

You can make your donation at Please specify my name where it asks.

Thank you very much!