Levi Rosen-Shapiro’s Personalized Bar Mitzvah Page

Levi, use this page 3-4 times each week to prepare for your Bar Mitzvah. To ensure simcha success, please use the tools and downloadable items provided here to learn and practice your training assignments between lessons. For questions, e-mail me at cantor@kehillatbethisrael.com or call/text me at 613-327-3984. It is your responsibility to check this page to ensure it’s working properly right after each lesson, and let me know if there’s a problem right away.


Bar Mitzvah Date:
SATURDAY, MARCH 2nd, 2024, 9:00am
22 Adar Rishon, 5784

Tutoring Schedule – Starting March 7th, 2022: Tuesdays, 4:30-4:50pm in Cantor Green’s office @ KBI.

Th, Jan 26



Intro to B’nei Mitzvah Process

Intro to Webpage

Goal Setting

Lesson Time

STUDY METHOD (always have your printouts/pages in front of you)

1. In your first homework session, Listen to the assigned audio files, each phrase separately, at least 15 times each. Let it sink in! Best practice is to listen a couple more times in a second sitting before trying to sing along.

2. Sing along with the audio files many times until it is identical, smooth and confident. If there are glitches, use the slider to “rewind” and review a word or two at a time until identical. You’ll know you’re ready for step 3 when the audio recording feels too slow or is ‘holding you back’.

3. Sing the whole assignment without the audio file (as you will in your next lesson).

Use this approach every week, and knock my socks off with how well you know it!

AND, 4. every week, you MUST review at least once, everything learned to date, and FIX any glitches.

Tu, Mar 21


Prepare Blessing Before and After Torah reading Learn Blessings Before and After Torah Reading, using the homework technique in the box directly above this box
(PDF | MP3 – Before | MP3 – After)
Tu, Mar 28


Review Torah Blessings

Brief Summary of what “Trope” is.

Smooth out Blessings before and after Torah reading. Remember:

(1) Pronounce your chet’s and chaf’s with a good, solid “ch” (like Bach) sound

(2) Distinguish between “Bar’chu Et…”; “Baruch Adonai…”; and “Baruch Atah Adonai” in the blessing before the Torah reading

(3) In the blessing after the Torah reading, use the English transliterations that I wrote in for you until you’re smooth and confident, and then we’ll erase those and go back to the Hebrew text.

Next lesson is after Passover!

Tu, Apr 18


Review Torah Blessings

Prepare Torah Trope, 1st half

Learn Torah Trope first half. Make sure that you are pointing to the correct words on the page as you listen. While you will probably look at the shape of the words at first, you should eventually be looking directly at the trope symbols themselves!

Torah Trope (PDF | Torah Trope)

Remember — every week, you must review everything learned so far at least once a week!

If you manage to learn the first half of the Torah trope easily and well, you can go on to listen to the 2nd half a few times to prep for the next lesson

Tu, Apr 25


Review (ie., listen to you sing on your own) Torah Trope first half

Prepare Torah Trope 2nd half

Review Torah blessings

Prepare Maftir, 34:33 (at least)

Learn 2nd half of the Torah Trope (PDF | Torah Trope)

Once you’ve learned the rest of the Torah trope, AND can sing the whole page smoothly, THEN Listen to the audio file for the maftir, verse 34:33 using the maftir table and files below, in the downloads section.

Tu, May 2


ZOOM (CJG ill)

Review Torah Trope sheet

Prepare Maftir 34:33 and 34:34 up to ad tzeito

Get a parent to write in “ha-mas-veh” over that Hebrew word so you learn to pronounce it properly.

Learn Maftir 34:33 and 34:34 up to ad tzeito. Use the audio file for the maftir, found in the downloads section below. Ask a parent for help if needed.

Tu, May 9


Review Maftir to date

Prepare Maftir rest-of-34:34

Learn rest-of-Maftir-34:34

Go back and smooth out all of the maftir that you’ve learned so far.

In your Torah blessings (before and after), separate and super-enunciate “Baruch | Atah | Adonai”

Tu, May 16


Review Maftir to date

Review Torah Blessings with Separated Baruch | Atah | Adonai

Prepare Maftir 34:35 up to Or p’nei Mosheh

Learn Maftir 34:35 up to Or p’nei Mosheh (for clarity, that’s the end of the line above the horizontal line).
Tu, May 23


Review Maftir to date

Prepare rest of 34:35

Prepare Ein Kamocha, 1st 2 printed lines

Learn rest of 34:35 (end of aliya!)

Learn Ein Kamocha, 1st 2 printed lines (up to b’chol dor vador) (PDF | MP3)

Tu, May 30


Review entire Maftir with blessings

Review Ein Kamocha lines 1 and 2

Prepare Ein Kamocha line 3

In your maftir, practice (from v’yatza) to memorize “v’DI-beir”

Smooth out the last 2 printed lines of the maftir (ie., from v’heishiv) to get the trope correct

Practice “Baruch… Atah… Adonai” (ie., separate these words!)

Learn/smooth out Ein Kamocha (on Hebrew side) lines 1-3 (up to l’olam va-ed)

Tu, Jun 6 NO LESSON – CJG Vacation Keep working on Maftir fixes, and Ein Kamocha as above
Tu, Jun 13


Review Maftir

Review Ein Kamocha to date

Prepare Haftara Trope like a song

Learn Haftara Trope like a song (PDF | Haftara Trope)

Learn next line of Ein Kamocha (printed line 4 in Hebrew; line 6 in English) – (PDF | MP3)

Tu, Jun 20


Review Ein Kamocha up to et amo vashalom

Prepare Av Harachamim…et Tziyon

Review Haftara Trope

Prepare Blessing before Haftara

Practice “Adonai ME-lech”

Learn Ein Kamocha next printed line (english) – Av Harachamim…et Tziyon

Learn Blessing before the Haftara (PDF | MP3)

Tu, Jun 27


Review Ein Kamocha to date

Prepare Ein Kamocha next line and a half (english)

Review Blessing Before Haftara

Prepare Haftara 18:20

Learn last two printed lines of Ein Kamocha (on English side) – Tiv-neh…Adon Olamim

Keep repeating and smoothing out the blessing before the Haftara

Learn Haftara 18:20, using the audio file and table below.

Tu, Jul 4 NO LESSON – LEVI AWAY Keep working on homework from June 27, and don’t forget to review everything we’ve learned so far, every week, so it stays fresh and keeps getting more and more confident.
Tu, Jul 11


Review Ein Kamocha

Review Blessing before Haftara

Review Haftara 18:20

Prepare Haftara first half of 18:21 up to l’chu acharav

Learn Haftara first half of 18:21 up to l’chu acharav

Keep reviewing Blessing before Haftara

Tu, July 18


Review Haftara to date including Blessing before

Prepare Haftara rest-of-18:21 and 18:22 up to Ladonai L’vadi

Learn Haftara rest-of-18:21 and 18:22 up to Ladonai L’vadi

Keep reviewing Torah Service (Ein Kamocha, etc.)

Tu, July 25


Review Haftara to date

Review Torah Processional to date

Tu, Aug 15


Review Haftara and Maftir

Prepare Haftara rest-of-18:22, and 18:23 up to v’yiv-charu lahem

Prepare Vay’hi Binsoah (already familiar)

Learn Haftara rest-of-18:22, and 18:23 up to v’yiv-charu lahem

Smooth out Vay’hi Binsoa (PDF below, MP3 here)

Tu, Aug 22


Review Haftara to date

Prepare Haftara rest of 18:23

Review Ein Kamocha, Vay’hi Binsoah

Smooth out haftara 18:23 up to lahem

Continue Learning 18:23 up to orange line, e-eseh.

Tu, Aug 29


NO LESSON, BUT DO THE HOMEWORK AT RIGHT ===> Keep smoothing out haftara to date!

Finish learning 18:23 (from et hapar to the end of the pasuk)

Tu, Sep 5


Review Haftara to date

Prepare Haftara 18:24

Finish smoothing out 18:23

Learn 18:24 up to v’sheim Adonai

Tu, Sep 12


Review Haftara to date with Blessing before

Prepare Haftara rest-of-18:24

Learn Haftara rest-of-18:24
Tu, Sep 19


Review Haftara to date

Prepare Haftara 18:25

Smooth out all of 18:24

Learn first 6 words of 18:25 (up to lachem)

Tu, Sep 26


Review Haftara to date

Prepare rest of 18:25

Review Maftir

Finish smoothing out 18:25 up to lachem (from last week)

Learn rest of 18:25

Reminder: review and fix any glitches in your maftir

Tu, Oct 3


Review Haftara to date

Prepare Haftara 18:26 up to aneinu

Review Maftir (for smoothness)

_____________ ____________________

Downloads (click to open, right-click to save to your computer)

Torah/Haftara Trope Sheet (PDF | Torah Trope | Haftara Trope)

Blessings Before and After Torah Reading (PDF | MP3 – Before | MP3 – After)

Maftir Ki Tissa (PDF | MP3) – all in Exodus Chapter 34

33 – 0:00 34 – 0:14 35 – 0:44

Blessing before Haftara (PDF | MP3)

Haftara Ki Tissa (Non-Named Shabbat, shorter Sefardi range) – All in Isaiah Chapter 18 (PDF | MP3)

20 – 0:00 21 – 0:16 22 – 1:03 23 – 1:33 24 – 2:30 25 – 3:09 26 –  3:50 27 – 4:42 28 – 5:27 29 – 5:51
30 – 6:16 31 – 6:43 32 – 7:17 33 – 7:45 34 – 8:03 35 – 8:34 36 – 8:52 37 – 9:51 38 – 10:18 39 – 10:45

Blessings after Haftara (PDF | Audio: Blessing 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

Torah Service (PDF | MP3’s)


Goals in order of priority

Blessings before and after Torah reading – DONE

Torah Trope – DONE

Maftir aliya – IN PROGRESS

Haftara Trope –

Blessing before Haftara -DONE


Blessings after Haftara –

Torah Processional – IN PROGRESS

Torah Recessional –

D’var Torah (with Rabbi Kenter) –

Other items as time allows: Other Torah aliyot; Musaf; Hallel



Kivi will layn some Torah – Sh’vi’i (PDF | MP3)

Will need wheelchair access for Lisa’s Dad. He’ll want an aliya.

For Haftara, start with Sefardic shorter version, and re-evaluate adding the first half if time allows.