Annual General Meeting 2022 – Slate of Officers

Kehillat Beth Israel Congregation
Nominees to the Board of Directors 2022-23

The following individuals are being put forward for election to the Board of Directors of Kehillat Beth Israel Congregation:

  • Victor Rabinovitch, President, 2022-23
  • Jeremy Rudin, Vice President, 2022-23
  • Adina Libin, Treasurer, 2022-23
  • Jodi Gitter, Secretary, 2022-23
  • Sarah Beutel, Director-at-large, 2022-25
  • Gillian Koh, Director-at-large, 2022-25
  • David Lyman, Director-at-large, 2022-25

The following individuals are continuing their existing elected terms on the Board of Directors of Kehillat Beth Israel Congregation:

  • Norm Ferkin, Director-at-large, 2022-23
  • Jeff Greenberg, Director-at-large, 2022-23
  • Jaimee Mitzmacher, Director-at-large, 2022-24
  • David Roytenberg, Director-at-large, 2022-24
  • Olga Streltchenko, Director-at-large, 2022-24

Additionally, Judah Silverman will be appointed to the Board as the immediate Past President for the 2022-23 fiscal year.

DATED the 23rd of October, 2022
Judah Silverman, Chairperson
Kehillat Beth Israel Congregation Nominating Committee