Eitan Green’s Personalized Bar Mitzvah Page

Eitan, use this page 3-4 times each week to prepare for your Bar Mitzvah. To ensure simcha success, please use the tools and downloadable items provided here to learn and practice your training assignments between visits with Cantor Daddy. For questions, e-mail me at cantor@kehillatbethisrael.com or call/text me at 613-327-3984. It is your responsibility to check this page to ensure it’s working properly right after each lesson, and let Cantor Daddy know if there’s a problem right away.

VERY IMPORTANT – MUST READ: KBI B’nei Mitzvah Handbook

Bar Mitzvah Date:
SUNDAY, May 21st, 2023, 9:30am (Rosh Chodesh Sivan)
1 Sivan, 5783

Tutoring Schedule – Starting Mo, Oct 4, 2021: Mondays, 4:00-4:30pm IN PERSON

Mo, Oct 4, 2021


Intro to B’nei Mitzvah Process

Intro to Webpage

Goal Setting

Lesson Time

Prepare Blessings before and after Torah Reading

Preview Torah Trope (3 functions)

STUDY METHOD (always have your printouts/pages in front of you)

1. In your first homework session, Listen to the assigned audio files, each phrase separately, at least 15 times each. Let it sink in! Best practice is to listen a couple more times in a second sitting before trying to sing along.

2. Sing along with the audio files many times until it is identical, smooth and confident. If there are glitches, use the slider to “rewind” and review a word or two at a time until identical. You’ll know you’re ready for step 3 when the audio recording feels too slow or is ‘holding you back’.

3. Sing the whole assignment without the audio file (as you will in your next lesson).

Use this approach every week, and knock my socks off with how well you know it!

AND, 4. every week, you MUST review at least once, everything learned to date, and FIX any glitches.

Bring a looseleaf binder (with sheet pockets)

Learn Blessing before Torah Reading (PDF | MP3)

Learn Blessing after Torah Reading (PDF | MP3)

Mo, Oct 11

Time TBD (around Toronto Travel)

Review Torah Blessings

Prepare Torah Trope

Mo, Oct 18


Review Torah Blessings

Prepare Torah Trope

Learn Torah Trope sheet like a song BUT you must look at the SYMBOL, not the spelling of the trope name.

(PDF | MP3)

Mo, Oct 25


Review Torah Trope

Prepare R”Ch Aliya 1, 28:1-2

Smooth out trope sheet
Mo, Nov 1


Prepare R”Ch Aliya 1, 28:1-2 Learn Aliya 1, 28:1-2 (folder is below – choose the right mp3)
Mo, Nov 8


Review Aliya 1 to date

Prepare Aliya 1 28:3 both ways

Learn Aliya 1, 28:3

Learn Aliya 2, 28:3 (same as above except music of last 4 words – don’t go high on “yom

Learn Aliya 2, 28:4

Mo, Nov 15


Review Aliya 1

Review Aliya 2 to date

Prepare Aliya 2, 28:5

Prepare Aliya 3, 28:6-7

Learn Aliya 2, 28:5 and Aliya 3, 28:6-7
Mo, Nov 22


Review Aliya 1 and 2

Review Aliya 3 to date

Prepare Aliya 3, 28:8-10

Learn Aliya 3, 28:8-10 (MP3) from 0:35 of the audio file.
Mo, Nov 29


Review Aliyot 1-3

Prepare Aliya 4, 28:11

Smooth out and get confident with aliya 3

Learn aliya 4, 28:11

Mo, Dec 6


Review Aliya 4, 28:11

Review aliyot 1-3

Prepare Aliya 4, 28:12-13

Watch out for “chod-shei-CHEM

Learn aliya 4, 28:12-13

Practice EVERYTHING learned so far! Fix any mistakes. Try it from the left-hand side.

Mo, Dec 13


Review Aliya 4 to date

Finish preparing aliya 4

Learn aliya 4, 28:14-15 (end)

Review ALL 4 ALIYOT!

Mo, Dec 20 NO LESSON – CANTOR AWAY! 😉 Keep learning
Tu, Dec 28, 10am

10am (home)

Review all 4 aliyot

Prepare Vay’hi Binsoa

Smooth out aliya 4, then practice it from the left-hand side

Learn Vay’hi Binso-a Ha-aron (whole paragraph) (PDF | MP3)

Mo, Jan 3

7:45pm (home)

Review 4 aliyot from STA”M side (done in shul from Torah!)

Review Vay’hi Binsoa

Prepare Gad’lu and L’Cha Adonai (all)

Learn Gad’lu (PDF | MP3)

Learn all of L’cha Adonai (PDF | MP3)

Mo, Jan 10

4:00-4:30pm (home)

Review 4 Torah aliyot (STA”M)

Review Torah Processional (all)

Prepare Chatzi Kaddish (weekday minor nusach) up to but not including Y’hei Sh’meih

Smooth out the 2nd half of L’Cha Adonai (particularly, the descending scale in the 2nd and 4th to last lines.

Smooth out Ki Kadosh Adonai Eloheinu

Learn Chatzi Kaddish 1st section up to (not including) Y’hei Sh’meih (PDF | MP3)

Mo, Jan 17

4-4:30pm (home)

Review Torah processional, including L’Cha Adonai

Review Chatzi Kaddish first section

Prepare Chatzi Kaddish from Y’hei Sh’meih to the end.

Learn rest of Chatzi Kaddish (PDF | MP3)

Fix Rom’mu section L’cha Adonai (downward scales)

Mo, Jan 24


Review Vay’hi Binsoa

Review Gad’lu with bow

Review L’Cha Adonai, partic. Rom’mu downward scales

Review Chatzi Kaddish

Prepare Y’hal’lu and Hodo Al Eretz (p76)

Learn Y’hal’lu & Hodo Al Eretz (Shabbat Style, for singability) (PDF | MP3)

Smooth out Chatzi Kaddish (PDF | MP3)

Go back and practice/smooth out all of Torah Processional from Vay’hi Binsoa

Mo, Jan 31


Review Torah Processional from Vay’hi Binsoa

Review Chatzi Kaddish

Review Y’hal’lu and Hodo Al Eretz (p76)

Prepare Ladonai Ha’aretz p76 (“Weekday Torah Recessional (L’David Mizmor) first 3 printed lines, up to bim-kom kod-sho.

Practice Aliya 3 from Left Hand Side (to force you to learn the right hand side well — use the right hand side to memorize the words and tune)

Learn Ladonai Ha’aretz first 3 printed lines, up to bim-kom kod-sho. (p76, PDF | MP3)

Mo, Feb 7


Review Aliya 3

Review Y’hal’lu & Hodo Al Eretz

Review Ladonai Ha’aretz first 3 lines

Prepare Ladonai Ha’aretz next 4 lines

Review Torah Processional

Learn Ladonai Ha’aretz next 4 lines (MP3) from 0:35 up to “selah
Mo, Feb 14


Review Ladonai Ha’aretz to date

Prepare Ladonai Ha’aretz next 5 lines, up to milchama

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to pack you Bar Mitzvah stuff on Monday mornings

Learn next 6 lines of Ladonai Ha’aretz from 1:10, up to milchama (MP3)

Keep reviewing everything else after you’ve learned the new stuff.

Mo, Feb 28



Review Ladonai Ha’aretz to date

Prepare Ladonai Ha’aretz last 5 lines

Review Torah recessional


Learn last 5 lines of Ladonai Ha’aretz (MP3) from 1:47
Mo, Mar 7


Review all of Ladonai Ha’aretz

Learn Hallel B’racha

Learn melody version of Ps 113, up to v’ad olam (MP3)

Mo, Mar 21


Review all of Ladonai Ha’aretz

Prepare Hallel B’racha

Prepare melody version of Ps 113 (Hal’lu Avdei Adonai), up to sheim Adonai at end of line 3

Learn Hallel B’racha (MP3)

Learn melody version of Ps 113, up to sheim Adonai at end of line 3 (MP3)

Mo, Mar 28


Review 4 aliyot

Review Hallel to date

Prepare lines 4-7 of Hal’lu Avdei Adonai (up to evyon l’…)

Learn lines 4-7 of Hal’lu Avdei Adonai (up to evyon l’…)

Keep smoothing out all of Hallel to date

Mo, Apr 4


Review Hallel to date

Prepare last 3 lines of Hal’lu Avdei

Learn last 3 lines of Hal’lu Avdei (MP3)

Learn B’tzeit Yisrael / Ma L’Cha Hayam p51 (MP3)

Mo, Apr 11


Review Hallel to date

Work on end of Hal’lu and B’tzeit Yisrael

Smooth out last 3 lines of Hal’lu Avdei (MP3)

Smooth out B’tzeit Yisrael / Ma L’Cha Hayam p51 (MP3)

Mo, Apr 18


Review Hallel to date

Prepare B’tzeit Yisrael up to osei shamayim va-aretz

Learn Adonai Z’charanu up to osei shamayim va-aretz

Practice 4th aliya, v12 – make sure you end the first half on an etnachta trope, and the second half on a sof pasuk trope.

Mo, Apr 25



Review Hallel to date

Prepare rest of B’tzeit Yisrael

Review aliya 4 (partic. for v12)

Learn rest of Adonai Z’charanu (from HaShamayim)

Eliminate all the mistakes you “regularly” make in Hallel so far.

Remember, 1 HOUR of Bar Mitzvah study a week!

Mo, May 2


Review Hallel to date (including all ‘sticky’ fixes)

Prepare Ma Ashiv, “Top & Tail”

Each of the following must be worked on at least 15 times each. Don’t assume it’s in your brain as correct after getting it right just once or twice. Keep coming back to each to make sure they’re staying correct!

P50 – Ram Al kol line – hold last “do” until the end of the measure. Mi comes right on the downbeat. Tap your toe to get it right.

P50 – Fix Hamashpili lir-ot (entire line)

p51 – Re-learn B’tzeit Yisrael opening line. Particularly transition from previous page

p51 – transition from 2nd to last time into last line (ha-hof’chi)

p52 – In Adonai Z’charanu, fix v’ha-aretz natan liv-nei adam

p53 Learn Ma Ashiv. Take time to pronounce tag-mu-lo-hi properly. (MP3)

In your last sitting, use this list as a checklist to make sure you’re ready for your lesson!

Mo, May 9


Review Hallel to date (noting all homework items)

Prepare Hal’lu Et Adonai and Hodu Ladonai Ki Tov 1st line

Learn Hal’lu Et Adonai and Hodu Ladonai Ki Tov (MP3)
Mo, May 16



Review Hallel to date

Prepare Min Hameitzar/Pit-chu Li

Learn min HaMeitzar top & tail (MP3)
Mo, May 23


Mo, May 30


Review Hal’lu Et Adonai/Hodu

Review Min HaMeitzar top & tail


Smooth out ALL of Hallel to date. Make it totally confident. Work on each trouble spot separately
Mo, Jun 13


Review Hallel to date

Prepare Od’cha

Learn Od’cha (melody MP3)
Mo, Jun 20


Review Od’cha (melody)

Prepare Ana Adonai Hoshia Na (nusach)

Prepare first line of Baruch Haba

Review all 4 Aliyot (with blessings)

Learn Ana Adonai Hoshia Na (nusach)

Learn first line of Baruch Haba (melody)

Practice Aliya 4 and make it smooth.

Mo, Aug 8


Review Torah Processional

Review 4 aliyot

Review Torah recessional

“Gad’lu Ladoani ITI” in Torah Processional

“V’hamit-nasei” – fix this

Rom’mu difference. Make sure you stay aware of which one you’re on. Finger on the place!!

Smooth out aliya 3. Sing it 2 or 3 times from the right side, then try from the left. Go back and forth completely (not by word) as needed.

Aliya 4 – do correct trope for 2 “solet”s (mapachs). Read aliya twice from right, bring it to the left.

Re-practice Torah recessional (Y’hal’lu, Hodo al Aretz, L’David Mizmor)

Tu, Aug 16


Review homework items from last week

Review Chatzi Kaddish (weekday minor)

Review Hallel to date


Smooth out Chatzi Kaddish (partic: Yitbarach section — Don’t forget Yit-pa-ar; V’yit-HAdar V’yit-ALEH V’yit-HAllal)

Ma Ashiv: sort out melody of B’tocheichi Y’rushalayim

Smooth out Min HaMeitzar top & tail

Smooth out Od’cha

Mo, Aug 22


Review tweaks from last week

Review Ana Adonai

Review Baruch Haba first line

Prepare next 2 printed lines of Baruch Haba (Eil Adonai)

Smooth out (in Chatzi Kaddish): tush-b’chata line. Get confident.

In pit-chu li, smooth out Zeh Hasha-ar words & melody

Learn next 2 printed lines of Baruch Haba.

Mo, Sep 5


Mo, Sep 12


Review homework from last week

Prepare last 2 printed lines of Baruch Haba

In end of Pit-chu Li, fix Eil Adonai va-YA-eir lanu line.

Learn last 2 printed lines of Baruch Haba

Learn opening line of Y’hal’lucha.

Mo, Sep 19


Review homework from last week

Prepare last 3 lines of end of Y’hal’lucha (Ki L’cha Tov)

Review All of Hallel

Review Torah processional

Review Torah Recessional if there’s time, otherwise move to next week.

Keep smoothing out Baruch Haba paragraph

Learn Y’hal’lucha (top is in 13, ending is in 13b)

No lesson next week (RH)

Mo, Oct 24


Review homework

Prepare Full Kaddish first half

Learn first half of Full Kaddish (Shaleim) after Hallel (ie., after Shacharit) up to end of tush-b’chata line (PDF | MP3). Please demonstrate choreography (3 steps back, bow left, right, forward, 3 steps forward)

Smooth  out end of Y’hal’lucha (end of Hallel)

Mo, Oct 31


Review end of Y’hal’lucha

Review first half of Full Kaddish

Prepare Titkabal paragraph of Full Kaddish

1. Learn Titkabal Paragraph of Full Kaddish (MP3)

2. Go back and smooth out first half of Full Kaddish (MP3)

Mo, Nov 7


Review Full Kaddish to date

Prepare rest of Full Kaddish

Review Hallel

Finish learning and touching up the notes of Full Kaddish according to the pencil markings for the notes on your page.
Mo, Nov 14


Review everything you’ve learned so far. Work out anything that doesn’t go smoothly so that you sound completely confident to me (and to yourself).
Mo, Nov 21


Review Full Kaddish after Hallel

Prepare Chatzi Kaddish before Musaf, particularly the ending for R”Ch.

Finish learning Chatzi Kaddish before Musaf, including the special ending for R”Ch (PDF
| MP3)
Mo, Dec 5


Review Chatzi Kaddish

Prepare Musaf Repetition

Smooth out K’dusha (using the MP3 in the folder below) and make sure you’re comfortable switching to Rosh Chodesh (R”Ch) nusach at the end of Yimloch. Don’t forget tippy-toes at Yimloch.

Review and work out any kinks for Chatzi Kaddish and the start of the Amida (p103 & 104b respectively, also in the folder.

Print out new (correct!) Musaf Service PDF from this Folder

Mo, Dec 12


Review Musaf to date

Prepare L’Dor VaDor

  1. Learn L’Dor Vador (R”Ch style)
  2. Work on smoothing out ending of Chatzi Kaddish before Musaf (p103) to make the switch from pentatonic to R”Ch nusach smooth. (Last 2 lines of page)
  3. Be READY for our review sessions
Mo, Dec 19


Review L’Dor VaDor

Review K’dusha

Review Chatzi Kaddish and Musaf 1st page

Review Hallel

Review Torah Processional

Review Torah Readings

Review Torah Recessional

Su, Jan 8, 2023


Review All to date (we made it up to end of Torah Recessional including Hallel)
Mo, Jan 9


Prepare Uvnucho Yomar (Portnoy)

Review Musaf to date

Learn Uvnucho Yomar (Portnoy) (PDF | MP3)

Smooth out Musaf Amida through the end of the K’dusha

**TH, JAN 19

4:45-5:10pm @ Home

Review Uvnucho Yomar (Portnoy)

Review Musaf Amida thru K’dusha

Properly learn Eitz Chayim Hi.

Touch up L’Dor VaDor. Make it smooth

Mo, Jan 23


Review Uvnucho Yomar (Portnoy)

Review Musaf Amida thru K’dusha, partic. L’Dor VaDor.

Prepare Sim Shalom (tune)

Finish learning Eitz Chayim Hi, using the proper homework technique and the page of text in front of you, always!

Learn Sim Shalom melody p109 (MP3)

Tu, Jan 31


Review Sim Shalom tune

Review Musaf K’dusha thru L’Dor VaDor

Prepare Rashei Chodsheihem

Perfect Eitz Chayim Hi

Perfect Sim Shalom & Full Kaddish

Review Hallel (all of it!)

Mo, Feb 6


Review Sim Shalom into Full Kaddish

Review Hallel

Review Torah Bothsessionals

Go through hallel this week, circling any words that you trip over, and work each one 5 times, and until it is smooth at least 2x in a row.

Do the same thing for K’dusha AND Sim Shalom.

Mo, Feb 13


Review Hallel

Review K’dusha and Sim Shalom

Prepare Nissim Sheb’chol Yom (Birchot HaShachar)

Learn Morning Blessings p6 (MP3 folder)
Mo, Feb 20


Review Birchot HaShachar

Prepare rest of p6

Learn rest of p6 per the audio in 02b in the folder

Smooth out top half of p6 (partic. she-a-SA-ni)

Mo, Feb 27


Review all of p6

Prepare Baruch She-amar

_________________________ _______________________________

Downloads (click to open, right-click to save to your computer)

Torah Trope Sheet (PDF)

Torah Blessings (PDF)

Rosh Chodesh Weekday Torah Readings (folder)

Weekday Torah Service (PDF)

Hallel for R”Ch (folder)

Musaf Service w/ Full Repetition (Folder)

Weekday P’sukei D’zimrah (MP3 folder)

Goals in order of priority

Blessings before and after Torah reading – DONE

R”Ch Torah Readings (PDF & MP3) – DONE

Torah Processional – DONE

Torah Recessional – DONE

D’var Torah (with Rabbi Kenter) – IN PROGRESS

Hallel – DONE

Heiche Musaf – DONE

P’sukei D’zimra Selections (B’rachot, Baruch She-amar, Sh’ma Yisrael/V’ahavta (DONE), Az Yashir Moshe melody) – IN PROGRESS



For musaf, Eitan will do Avot/G’vurot/K’dusha, CJG will do middle bit; Eitan will pick up at Sim Shalom/Full Kaddish