Ari Wolfe’s Personalized Trope learning Page

Ari Wolfe’s personalized Trope Learning Page

Ari, use this page 3-4 times each week to prepare for your next lesson with Cantor Green. For questions, e-mail me at or call/text me at 613-327-3984. It is your responsibility to check this page to ensure it’s working properly right after each lesson, and let Cantor Green know if there’s a problem right away.

Tutoring Schedule – Thursdays, 5:30-6:00pm on Skype (ID jgreen361)

STUDY METHOD (always have your printouts/pages in front of you)

1. Listen to the assigned audio files 15 times each, over several days. Let it sink in!

2. Sing along with the audio files many times until it is identical, smooth and confident. If there are glitches, use the slider to “rewind” and review a word or two at a time until identical.

3. Sing the whole assignment without the audio file (as you will in your next lesson).

Use this approach every week, and knock my socks off with how well you know it!

AND, 4. every week, you MUST review at least once, everything learned to date, and FIX any glitches.

Homework for this week:

Get a looseleaf binder (with sheet pockets)

Th, Apr 8


Prepare Torah Trope Print Torah Trope sheet (PDF)

Learn first printed line of Torah Trope using this MP3, (up to munach segol).

Th, Apr 15


Review Torah trope to date

Prepare Torah trope from beginning of line 2 up to munach zakeif katon

Learn Torah trope line 1 (MP3)

Learn Torah trope line 2 (MP3)

Th, Apr 22


Review first 2 lines of Torah trope

Prepare Line 3 and up to et-nach-ta

Learn Torah Trope line 3 and first 2 words of line 4 (MP3)
T, Apr 29


Review Torah Trope up to et-nachta

Prepare rest of line 4

Learn Torah Trope line 4 (MP3)
Th, May 6


Review First four lines of Torah Trope Sheet

Prepare Pazeir, t’lishas

Listen 15 times to the whole MP3

Learn line 5 (most of it) Pazer, T’lisha K’tana, T’lisha G’dola (MP3)

Practice doing the WHOLE trope sheet up to T’lisha G’dola

Th, May 13


Review Trope to date

Prepare Kadma-V’azla, Geireish, Geirshayim

Th, May 20 Review Trope to date

Prepare Kadma-V’azla, Geireish, Geirshayim

Finish learning line 5 – Pazer, T’lisha K’tana, T’lisha G’dola (MP3)

Learn Line 6 – Kadma v’azla, Geireish, Gershayim, Darga T’vir (MP3)

Th, May 27 Review entire Trope sheet to date

Prepare Y’tiv to the end

Prepare Blessing before Torah reading

Touch up from Kadma V’azla to the end
Th, Jun 3 Review entire Trope sheet

Practice various tropes in TropeTrainer

Downloads (click to open, right-click to save to your computer)

Torah Trope (PDF | MP3)