Laura’s Personalized Kehillateinu Leadership Page

Here’s the Kehillateinu! siddur. Note, it’s printed in reverse order for correct Hebrew copying: PDF

Laura, use this page 3-4 times each week to prepare for leading Kehillateinu!. Please use the tools and downloadable items provided here to learn and practice your assignments between visits with Jason.

We, Feb 24


Prepare first B’racha of P’sukei D’zimrah STUDY METHOD (always have your printouts/pages in front of you)

1. Listen to the assigned audio files at least 15 times in your first study session. Let it sink in!

2. Sing along with the audio files many times until it is identical, smooth and confident. If there are glitches, use the slider to “rewind” and review a word or two at a time until identical.

3. Sing the whole assignment without the audio file (as you will in our next meeting).

AND, 4. every week, you MUST review at least once, everything learned to date, and FIX any glitches.

Homework for this week:

Learn the first blessing of P’sukei D’zimrah (they’re actually called “Birchot HaShachar – the morning blessings”), p3 (MP3 – 0:00 to 0:10)

We, Mar 31


Review First B’racha of P’sukei D’zimrah (“PD” hereafter), called “Birchot HaShachar” (“early-morning blessings”) Work on page 4 (2nd half of PD)

Go back and review it all so far, so it stays fresh and you build up confidence.

We, Apr 7


Review Birchot HaShachar (p3 & p4)


We, Apr 21


Prepare Baruch She-Amar p5 Learn Baruch She-amar top of p5

Keep practicing everything learned so far, as always!

Start watching Shabbat morning livestream services at (live at 9am or recorded)

We, May 5 Review Kehillateinu siddur up to Baruch She-Amar

Prepare first few lines of Ashrei, those on p5

Learn Ashrei from the beginning up to the end of p5 using the audio files in the folder below.

Go back and review everything so far. If there is a “sticky” moment with any of the words, spend a moment or three re-listening to that audio file and repeat it a few times so you get smooth and confident with all the words.

We, May 19 Review Kehillateinu Siddur to date

Continue learning Ashrei – Hadar thru Yoducha lines.

We, Jun 2 Review Kehillateinu up to Ashrei (Yoducha line)

Prepared next 3 stanzas up to Poteiach Et Yadecha

Learn from K’vod Mal’chut’cha up to Poteiach et Yadecha in Ashrei

Keep reviewing everything!

We, June 23 Review Kehillateinu to date

Prepare Tzadik to the end of Ashrei

Learn Yishtabach paragraph, and Bar’chu (ie., rest of the page)
We, Jul 28 Review to date

Prepare Sh’ma / Baruch Sheim

Discuss choreography of Sh’ma

Prepare V’ahavta, first 2 p’sukim

Keep working on Ashrei, 3 stanzas at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed!

Practice bending and bowing (1 action per word. Take your time with the words, to match them up with the bending/bowing)

Learn Sh’ma / Baruch Sheim

Learn first 2 p’sukim of V’ahavta paragraph

We, Aug. 11 Review homework

Prepare rest of V’ahavta paragraph

Oct 27 Review p3-6

Prepare Sh’ma/V’ahavta

Learn / keep smoothing out V’ahavta paragraph, up to al l’vavecha. If you’re able to do more, great!

Practice the Bar’chu with the choreography, including reminding the kids to repeat after you for the second line (even though it’s normally done with the congregation saying the second line and the Cantor repeating it).

We, Nov 3 Review Bar’chu

Review Sh’ma to date

Prepare rest of V’ahavta as needed

Prepare tzur yisrael.

______________ _______________________________


Goals in order of priority

Birchot HaShachar – DONE

Baruch She-amar – DONE




Sh’ma / Baruch Sheim / V’ahavta


Torah Processional

Torah Recessional

2 Musaf songs

Ein Keiloheinu


Anim Z’mirot

Adon Olam