“Angels” Uvnucho Yomar

(J. Rosemarin, arr. S. Glass and J. Green)

Cantor Jason Green and KBI Congregation’s Kol Beit Yisrael adult choir present this special virtual choir video in honour of Shabbat Shirah, the Sabbath of Song, Parashat B’shallach, Saturday, January 30th, 2021, during lockdown. Please share this video with friends and family — we hope that it brightens your Shabbat and makes you want to sing, despite the problems of the world all around us.

Uvnucho Yomar (which contains the well known liturgy of “Eitz Chayim Hi”) appears in the Torah recessional, and is sung as we return the Seifer Torah to the ark.

Scroll down below the “Angels” video for a bonus video…



From Cantor Green: “During the last lockdown of the pandemic, I did a few virtual choir videos of prayers from the Shabbat ma’ariv service without the benefit of our wonderful choir members’ ability to come in and sing. I wanted to share these stirring harmonies written by Stephen Glass to support the traditional nusach, so I resorted to multi-track recording myself. This video, and others I’ve created in the same series, were meant only as a way to share beautiful prayer modes in challenging times, as well as experiment with new digital techniques and choral combinations. I look most forward, though, to having our choir members sing this music rather than me!”