Calling all members!

Shalom dear friends,

I am writing this message as the Chair of the Membership Engagement Committee. Joining me on the committee are: Jeff Greenberg, Jaimee Mitzmacher, Carol Pascoe, and Elisheva Brantz. Our aim is to support Kehillat Beth Israel by building greater satisfaction, expanding membership recruitment and retention.

In this unusually challenging period, we want our shul to be as welcoming and inviting as possible. We really want to hear from you about synagogue things that are working well and areas where you would like improvements. Your ideas are very welcome. For example, you may be associated with other synagogues in Ottawa or elsewhere; are there things you would like us to do which you think work well?

We want to continue to make KBI the Capital’s synagogue of choice. Suggestions coming to our committee will be shared with our clergy and our Board. Please feel free to contact me in confidence. I can be reached at

We also want to arrange telephone calls to all KBI members during these isolating times. This has been done previously but now it is time to do it again, and we need some volunteers to help reach out. Please contact Elisheva, who is organizing this friendly work. Her email is:

Everyone hopes that the pandemic rules will soon become easier, so that we can all feel comfortable with returning in-person to the synagogue and its activities. My best wishes to each of you and your families.

Helen Zipes