Adult B’nei Mitzvah Webpage

Adult B’nei Mitzvah students, use this page to help you prepare for your B’nei Mitzvah. You can use the tools and downloadable items provided here to learn and practice your trope and other shul skills. For questions, e-mail me at or call/text me at 613-327-3984.

Adult B’nei Mitzvah Date: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 10th, 2024, 9:00am
1 Adar, 5784

Schedule of Classes with Cantor Green

Sunday, July 23, 2023

8:30am minyan

9:15am breakfast

9:30-10:30 class

Intro to Adult B’nei Mitzvah Sections 2:

Shul Skills

Trope Class

Program Outline (PDF)

Intro Class recording (MP4)

Sunday, July 30


Intro to Nusach (Prayer Modes, Motifs, and Melodies) Class 1 recording – Apologies, the Zoom recording’s audio was terribly intermittent and not worth posting.

Here are the Intro to Nusach Lecture Notes (Note: page numbers referenced are for a different Siddur than the one we use at KBI) (PDF).

Sunday, Aug. 6


Intro to Prayer

Intro to Trope (Torah Cantillation or Music System)

Class 2 recording (MP4)

Prayer Article by CJG (PDF) – fixed Hebrew font!

Trope “Cheat Sheet” (a one-time-through all the trope, to be elaborated on during Trope Course (PDF | Torah Trope MP3)

No class next week as CJG is away.

Sunday, Aug. 20


How to do an Aliya LaTorah (Blessings before and after a Torah reading) – Choreography, blessings (meaning & practice).

This class will not be offered on Zoom, but rather, recorded and uploaded afterward. Zoom attenuates both the sound quality and the video resolution. In-person attendance is strongly recommended as we will be doing a ‘field trip’ to the sanctuary for a hands-on lesson at the Torah.

Blessings Before and After Torah Reading (PDF | MP3 – Before | MP3 – After)

Aliya Instructional video (note, this was recorded at a different synagogue, and I had a darker beard, but the ritual is the same!)

Class video recordings: YouTube (close-up) / Livestream (wide angle)

Sunday, Aug. 27


Prayer Wear — Kippot, Tallit, T’filin


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Downloads (click to open, right-click to save to your computer)

Torah/Haftara Trope Sheet (PDF | Torah Trope | Haftara Trope)

Blessings Before and After Torah Reading (PDF | MP3 – Before | MP3 – After)

[Maftir HTML Here]

Blessing before Haftara (PDF | MP3)

[Haftara HTML Here]

Blessings after Haftara (PDF | Audio: Blessing 1 | 2 | 3 | 4)

Torah Service (PDF)


Goals in order of priority

Blessings before and after Torah reading –

Maftir aliya –

Blessing before Haftara

Haftara –

Blessings after Haftara –

Torah Processional –

Torah Recessional –

D’var Torah (with Rabbi Kenter) –

Other items as time allows: Other Torah aliyot; Musaf; Hallel