07. The Celebration

Following services, there is a congregational Kiddush meal sponsored by the B’nei Mitzvah family. Please plan for your guests to remain so that they and you may share the celebration with your congregational family.

Because the B’nei Mitzvah ceremony is an experience that happens within the community, the expectation is for the Kiddush to be provided by the B’nei Mitzvah family for both invited guests and shul attendees. In order to be eligible for a full tax receipt, the same food and accommodations must be offered for all Kiddush attendees.

As the date of your simchah nears, you will work closely with the Executive Director to finalize logistics, including coordinating delivery of rented items, liaising with the caterer regarding your kiddush sponsorship, room setup, etc. In order to ensure the appropriate amount of food is ordered, at least two weeks prior to the B’nei Mitzvah ceremony, the synagogue office must be notified as to the approximate number of guests that are expected.

All food eaten in the synagogue must conform to the laws of Kashrut and Shabbat observances; therefore, only caterers that are approved by KBI may be used.

Families are also welcome to use the synagogue for a private Friday night dinner for their invited guests, or for a Saturday night or Sunday party. If you are planning to use the synagogue for these celebrations it is essential that you reserve the facilities one year in advance. Please be in touch with the Executive Director to discuss room rental rates.

Kosher liquor, kosher wine, flowers, and accessories such as kippot, decorated baskets for candy that are provided by the family must be in the synagogue before 2:00 pm on the Friday of your simchah weekend and may not be removed until the end of Shabbat. Any of the above not removed by the Monday following the event will be donated unless other arrangements have been made.

You can reach Elisheva Brantz, our Interim Excutive Director, about any of the above at elisheva@kehillatbethisrael.com.

For Shabbat celebrations, please be mindful that some decorations may not be compatible with the spirit of Shabbat. Please discuss this with the Senior Rabbi (rabbi@kehillatbethisrael.com).