11. Shabbat Minchah/Havdallah Honours

Minchah Honours are as follows:


U’va L’Tzion (usually B’nei Mitzvah or Cantor)

Lead Torah Service (usually B’nei Mitzvah)

Ark Opening #1

Candy Distributors*

Aliyot/Torah Blessings

Hagbahah (lifting the Torah)—because some scrolls are heavy, please consult with the Honours Coordinator before assigning this honour

Gelilah (tying the Torah)

Return Torah to Ark (usually B’nei Mitzvah)

Ark Opening #2

Amidah (usually B’nei Mitzvah or Cantor)


At the conclusion of the Mincha service:

Parents’ blessing

B’nei Mitzvah D’var Torah

Rabbi’s blessing

Ma’ariv honours are as follows:

Lead Ma’ariv Service


Lead Havdallah

Hold candle

Hold spices

*Available to non-Jews.