05. Final Year Timeline

12–14 months

Parents and B’nei Mitzvah students will attend information sessions with the Cantor and Senior Rabbi. 

The Cantor will introduce your family to the B’nei Mitzvah study process; help you choose the date and the Torah reading/Haftarah; explain the parts of services which the student might lead, and help with goal-setting; work with you to set weekly lesson times; and review expectations between the student/family and the Cantor to ensure a successful and meaningful simchah experience.

The Senior Rabbi will discuss or help identify any issues specific to the family (e.g. blended families, questions of tribal status or other halachic implications, etc.); help the student create and initiate a Mitzvah project; and help the student write a D’var Torah, a mini-sermon on the lessons in the Torah reading for that day. 

12 months

Parents meet with the Executive Director to discuss Kiddush requirements and catering options; room usage; any additional events to be held at KBI (dinner, party, etc.); outstanding dues balance.

10-12 months 

Private tutoring with the Cantor or a designated/approved tutor begins. If the student has the capacity and desire to take on some learning in advance of one year out with, say, a family member using printed and audio learning materials provided by the Cantor, they are welcome to do so. Please let the Cantor know if this is of interest.

6 months 

The Senior Rabbi will discuss with students ideas for the D’var Torah, assign reading/discussion questions, check progress on the Mitzvah project, and help with the acquisition of Tallit and T’filin.

3-4 months

B’nei Mitzvah students begin meeting with the Senior Rabbi every 2-3 weeks to develop potential topics for the D’var Torah, create an outline, write a rough draft, and write the final version. 

If you are planning to assign Torah readings to family and friends, please be sure to confirm this with the Cantor. Readers must be experienced at reading from the Torah scroll, and must be prepared to demonstrate their ability.

1-2 months

Parents meet with the Honours Coordinator to review and designate honours.

Final 2 weeks

Final family meetings with Senior Rabbi and/or Cantor, including a Bimah run-through.

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