A message from the Mitzmachers about “TRY” Summer Israel Travel for 10th-12th Graders

Some thoughts from the Mitzmachers in Ottawa about this fantastic opportunity:
Dr. Jon Mitzmacher (parent of previous and upcoming participants):
“Living in a Jewish community without a Jewish high school presented our family with a set of challenges but also an opportunity.  How would we continue to provide our daughters with a formal Jewish education and an opportunity to participate in Jewish experiences with Jewish peers after graduating (K-8) Jewish day school?  Yes, there is a role for USY, Hebrew High and Camp Ramah – all of which our daughters actively pursue.  But, what if there was also an experience that allowed them to build upon their day school foundation of Jewish academic excellence – Hebrew, text, Tefillah, etc. – while keeping them on their current path of secular high school academic excellence?  And, what if that could be combined with their favorite program (Camp Ramah) and amplified by the experience of being in Israel?  Well, there is: Tichon Ramah Yerushalayim (TRY).  TRY provides the perfect combination of everything our girls love and everything they need during a critical time in their educational, social, spiritual and religious development.”


Eliana Mitzmacher (TRY Spring 2021 participant):
“Going on TRY was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Especially since this experience was my first time in Israel, it was surreal to visit the country surrounded by other Jewish teenagers. I’ve always gone to Ramah, and TRY is similar in a sense of the speed at which you make friends. My roommates instantly became my best friends. I am so grateful to still be in contact with so many people from TRY almost two years later! Learning about Israel while physically being in the country to see what is being taught is truly unique. Israel is your classroom and it is enriching. On TRY you are not a tourist, you live in Israel and experience things as all Israelis do. My Hebrew skills grew immensely as well as my sense of independence, being so far from home for so long. You have counsellors, but the amount of supervised time versus unsupervised time is perfectly balanced. This opportunity really prepares you for your future. Ultimately, the memories I made on TRY are ones that I will never forget. I’m so grateful for this special time in my life and strongly recommend TRY!”
Maytal Mitzmacher (enrolled for TRY Spring 2024):
“I am very excited to be going on TRY.  It is a new experience for me where I will have an opportunity to make tons of new friends from all over North America. I know I will be creating many special bonds through this unique program. This will be my first time travelling to Israel. I think it is going to be great to learn about the country while living there, instead of just taking a vacation. I feel lucky that my parents are sending me on TRY!”