Avi Turetsky’s Personalized EAJL Nusach Page

Avi, this is your EAJL Studies Blog (really a “journal”) of your lessons and progress. Please use the tools and downloadable items provided below. For questions, e-mail me at cantorgreen@gmail.com or call/text/WhatsApp me at 613-327-3984. Check this page to ensure it’s working properly right after each lesson, and let me know if there’s a problem right away.

Tutoring Schedule – Fridays, 10:00-11:00am Eastern (SKYPE – jgreen361)

Tu, May 24

12:30-1:30pm EDT

PMT Req’d


Jewish background/involvement

Why/How EAJL?

Nusach exposure so far

Leadership experiences so far

What flavor of shul(s)

With what are we starting?

What siddur/machzor?

Learn Mincha for Weekdays
Fr, Jun 3



PMT Req’d

Review Mincha for weekday

Prepare Gabbai material for Shabbat mornings p141 Blue Sim Shalom

Find out why bow left then right at Zeh el Zeh v’amar

Learn Gabbai Materials for Shabbat morning (mostly Weekday Minor, V’atem Had’veikim in Torah trope!)

Listen to some pentatonic tunes as mnemonics for start of Weekday Amida repetition.

We, June 15



PMT Req’d

Review Gabbaiut for Shabbat Morning

Prepare Adonai Malach version of Mi Shebeirach (ie., Bar Mitzvah, celebrations)

Prepare Weekday Ma’ariv

Learn Weekday Ma’ariv

See if you can find the Andrew Bernard nusach book (I’ll have to find the title when I’m back in the office.

Fr, June 24


Review weekday ma’ariv (incl. shiva minyan, other mods)

Prepare Weekday P’sukei D’zimra

Practice L’David Adonai Ori (S’lichot style)/Achat Sha’alti/Lulei He’emanti; LaM’natzeiach

Work on PD for weekday, “weekday minor” nusach

Fr, July 1


Review PD to date

Review weekday Ma’ariv

Review L’David Ori, Lam’natzeiach (“extras” after Ma’ariv)

Prepare Ya’aleh

Continue w PD

Confirm with Jalda that we’re continuing toward certification.

Practice staying freigish mode during weekday ma’ariv. Particularly, don’t jump up an open fifth to start phrases, but rather, pass through the major third (to divert your mind away from a minor third which is for shacharit).

Fr, July 22


Review some of Weekday ma’ariv again to check on the freigish mode.

Prepare Weekday Mincha modifications for Fast days, Yom HaShoah, R”Ch, Chanukah, Purim, Yom Ha’atzma’ut

Work on HH Kaddish after layning

Keep touching up wkday PD

Fr, Aug 5


Review weekday PD

Review HH Kaddish after Layning

Tropify the Aliya Bar’chu

Practice PD B’rachot up and down versions per 2 lines.

Learn Ya’aleh V’yavo – Glass Composition

Fr, Aug 12


Review HHs Trope Gabbai stuff

Review PD B’rachot for ups and downs

Prep Weekday Shacharit

Practice Az Yashir

Learn Beginning of Shacharit

Learn Ya’aleh V’yavo – Glass Composition


Fr. Aug 26

10am Eastern


Review Ya’aleh V’yavo – Glass

Review start of Shacharit for Weekday

Continue learning from p33 Sh’ma

Work out notes of transition from l’fanecha to lif-leita in Ya’aleh v’yavo. End of l’fanecha: drop down an octave for lif-lei; up a fourth for ta, down a half for the rest of ta.

Work on Bar’chu transition-to-freigish note.

Fr, Sep 2



Review Homework from last week

Prepare Repetition of Wkdy Shacharit Amidah (with mods)

Fr, Sept 9


(Just half hour)

Review HHs Gabbai material
**Wed, Sep 14**


Review Ya’aleh v’yavo

Review Homework from Aug 26

Prepare Repetition of Wkdy Shacharit Amidah (with mods)

In ya’aleh v’yavo – after v’zichron avoteinu, the next v’zichron uses exactly the same note pattern as the v’zichron right before it. The v’zichron kol am’cha starts on the same note as the beginning of the prayer (Elo…). Same for lif-leitah. Use the audio file too!

Keep practicing weekday freigish nusach up to ga’al Yisrael

**Wed, Sep 21**


CANCELLED BY CJG – Too close to HHs

Review Ya’aleh v’yavo for notes

Review from Malkeinu Melech Avoteinu up to ga’al Yisrael

Prepare Repetition of Amida (pentatonic)

Fr, Sep 30

NO LESSON – AY”T break

Su, Oct 9


Review Ya’aleh v’yavo for notes

Review from Malkeinu Melech Avoteinu up to ga’al Yisrael

Prepare Repetition of Amida (pentatonic)

Keep working on Lif-leita in Ya’ale V’yavo. See Sep. 14.

Review Repetition of Amida for weekday shacharit (same as Shabbat mincha – pentatonic)

Fr, Oct 14


Review Lifleita

Review SOME of Pentatonic

Look at modifications for weekday amida (Y”Hashoah, Chanukah, Purim, etc.)

Prepare Weekday Hallel B’racha, first few pages as time allows

**Su, Oct 23


Review Ya’aleh V’yavo – Accepting ‘liftleita’ modification. Learning done.

Review Hallel first first secti0n – POSTPONE – Avi requested more time to study.

Prepare Hallel from Ahavti to Anna Adonai, including nanuim melody and melodies for different occasions.

Work on lulav shaking choreography & music (nanuim)

Send Avi MP3s for Hodu Ladonai Ki Tov per holiday.

Learn Hallel

Work on Chanukah inserts for Shacharit.

Fr, Nov 4


Review Hallel to date (as far as you get before then)

Prepare rest of Hallel

Review Hallel

Learn Na’anuim (Sukkot, Lulav Shaking) nusach for all relevant passages

Learn Chanukah inserts in Shacharit

Fr, Nov. 11




Review Na’anuim in Hallel

Review Chanukah inserts for Shacharit

Review last 2 prayer of Hallel

Prepare Weekday Torah service

No lesson Nov. 18 CJG returning from LA
Fr., Dec 16


Review Na’anuim in Hallel

Review Chanukah inserts for Shacharit

Review last 2 prayers of Hallel

Prepare Weekday Torah service

Touch up melody of Na’anuim – a lot of listening!

Practice Weekday Torah service from Eil Erech Apayim (we made it up to Haftara blessings)

Fr. Jan 6, 2023


Review Weekday Torah Service up to Haftara Blessings, incl. Eil Malei Rachamim p73

Prepare Weekday Torah Service from Y’hal’lu

Continue learning Weekday Torah service from Y’hal’lu

Invent trope for T’hillim (just kidding!)

TBC We., Jan 11


Review Weekday Torah Service

Prepare rest of Weekday Shacharit Service

Fr. Jan. 20


Sun., Jan 29


Review Weekday Torah Service

Prepare rest of Weekday Shacharit Service

Review Eitz Chayim Hi (Blumenthal)

Review L’David Mizmor

Keep working on the small musical “items” in L’David Mizmor and Eitz Chayim Hi
Fr, Feb 3


Review L’David Mizmor & Eitz Chayim Hi

Record Michtam L’David

Prepare Weekday R”Ch Musaf from p103

Start working on Musaf for weekday R”Ch. You’ve already done the Chatzi Kaddish – Pentatonic except switching to Sh”R (=shalosh r’galim) at da-amiran b’al’mal; and you’ve already done the Amida opening and k’dusha – Pentatonic except switching to Sh”R at the end of Yim-loch and staying there for the remainder of the repetition. Pick up learning at p106 Rashei Chod-sheihem, to the end of the page.
Fr., Feb 24


Review L’David Mizmor (notes)

Review R”Ch Musaf to date p106

Prepare from p107 (R”Ch Musaf continued)

Learn Achat Sha’alti from Psalm 27 (Season of Repentence, p92 in WSS)

Learn rest of R”Ch Musaf from p107

Start learning PD for Shabbat, Nissim Sheb’chol Yom

Fr, Mar 3

10-10:45am (45 minutes)

Review Achat Sha’alti

Review R”Ch musaf from p107

Continue working on PD for Shabbat

Smooth out Michtam L’David

Continue working on PD for Shabbat, up to p92

Fr, Mar 10


Review R”Ch EVA Chadeish Aleinu

Review Michtam L’David

Review PD for Shabbat continued.

Keep learning PD for Shabbat

Learn special Chatzi Kaddish before maftir for Shalosh R’galim

Learn Hodo Ladonai Ki Tov

Fr, Mar 24


(Sent Jay up to here on Apr 9, 2023)

Review PD for Shacharit from Great Hallel p92

Review special Chatzi Kaddish before maftir for Shalosh R’galim

Prepare Shacharit from Nishmat Kol Chai (Ahava Raba mode)

Keep working on Shabbat Shacharit (from LaEil Asher Shavat…)
Fr, Mar 31



Review from after Eil Adon

Prepare Shacharit Amida for Shabbat

Fr, Apr 14

9:15-10am (we didn’t get started until 9:10 and we chatted a bit more – let’s call it 45 minutes!)

Review from after Eil Adon Practice Chatzi Kaddish before shabbat Shacharit Bar’chu (newly recorded)
Fr, Apr 21


No review needed!

Start preparing Shabbat Shacharit Amida

Learn Shabbat Shacharit Amida repetition to date
Fr, Apr 28


Continue preparing Shabbat Shacharit Amidah repetition from EVA R’tzei p117
Fr, May 5

10:15-11am (45 min)

Reviewed parts of Shacharit that needed work

Prepare Shabbat shacharit amida from EVA R’tzei p117 up to and including Modim Anachnu Lach

Fr, May 12


Continue reviewing Shabbat Shacharit Amida

Finish preparing Shabbat Shacharit Amida repetition

Practice EVA R’tzei with detour to major and back, based on the composition we learned.

Continue learning from Birkat Kohanim through Torah Service, Vay’hi Binsoa Ha’aron.

Su, Jun 11


Review from EVA R’tzei

Continue Preparing Torah service from B’rich Sh’meih.

Work on L’cha Adonai melody or two, Sim Shalom, Y’kum Purkan, Mi Shebeirach for BM

Shabbat morning Torah Service MP3s


Th, Jun 15


Review L’cha Adonai, Sim Shalom, Y’kum Purkan, Mi Shebeirach for BM

Prepare Birkat HaChodesh

<=== Work on this stuff
Fr, July 7


Review L’cha Adonai, Sim Shalom, Y’kum Purkan, Mi Shebeirach for BM

Review Birkat HaChodesh

Fr, Aug 4


Shabbat Mincha!!

Prepare Ashrei through Mizmor Shir L’Yom HaShabbat

Work on Shabbat Mincha
Fr, Aug 11


Review Shabbat Mincha to date

Prepare Shabbat mincha from Torah processional

Learn Mizmor Shir L’yom HaShabbat (Torah recessional)

Practice transition from Tzid-kat’cha (Shabbat mincha nusach) to Full Kaddish (Adonai Malach)

Preview: Bernard KabShab Packet (PDF)

Fr, Sep 8


Review last week’s material

Start Kabbalat Shabbat

 Work on Kabbalat Shabbat up to p18 in Sim Shalom
Fr, Oct 6


Review KabShab up to p18

Continue preparing KabShab

Continue studying KabShab p19-27
Fr, Oct 19


Review KahShab from p19

Prepare Shabbat Ma’ariv

Learn Shabbat Ma’ariv up to Silent Amida
Fr, Nov 11


Review KabShab from p19

Review Shabbat Ma’ariv up to Amida

Prepare Shabbat Ma’ariv from p47 Vay’chulu

We, Nov 29


_____________ ____________________

Downloads (click to open, right-click to save to your computer)


Weekday Mincha (incl. modifications for shiva) – DONE

Weekday modifications for Fast days, Yom HaShoah, R”Ch, Chanukah, Purim, Yom Ha’atzma’ut – DONE

Weekday Ma’ariv – DONE

HH Trope – DONE

HH Gabbai Call-up & Aliya Bar’chu (HH Trope) – DONE

Sh”R Chatzi Kaddish before Maftir – special melody – DONE

Weekday PD – DONE

Weekday Shacharit (incl. Chanukah inserts) – DONE

Weekday Tachanun – DONE

(Weekday) Hallel – DONE

Weekday Torah Service – DONE

Weekday R”Ch Musaf – DONE

PD for Shabbat – DONE

Shabbat Mincha – IN PROGRESS

Shabbat Torah Service Processional – DONE

Kabbalat Shabbat –

Megillot –




Eicha Trope –

Shir Hashirim/Kohelet/Rut trope –